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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who bridges humor and comfort to create content that is timely, engaging, uplifting - and funny.

I’ve written pieces for Dope Girls, performed on stages as diverse as The Moth and Daybreaker, been featured on UpWorthy and Soul Pancake, and worked with brands such as Rasa and GalerieLA.

I specialize in distilling concepts and stories down to their inherent wisdom and universality. Working with me means bringing that outlook, as well as a fresh, unique, and inspired voice to the table.

More? Well, I was born and raised in TLH, FL in a bi-cultural household. My name means “spring breeze” in Farsi (Persian), and I love to hike. I went to college in NC, and I currently reside in LA, CA, where I spend a lot of time on stages across the city.

KIT? Absolutely. I send out a monthly newsletter with sweet insights into the world + my life. Make sure you sign up!

Oh, and social links are below. E-mail is here - don’t be a stranger! I am available for collaborations, commissions, MCing events - and so on.