As an EmCee and speaker, Nasimeh is dynamic, witty, bold, and affable.

She offers the ability to move events along with ease, while keeping the crowd and participants effortlessly engaged and amused.

Her natural skillset paired with years of training in improv, stage, and screen make her a dynamic addition to any event.


Here’s what people have to say:

Nasimeh is one of those people who is a true host on stage and of an event. She balances operations of an event (making sure things keep moving and necessary information is shared) with the humor, vulnerability, and grace it takes to gain and audience’s trust and interest. She makes you feel comfortable because she is obviously comfortable on stage-a talent that’s more rare than just enjoying being on stage.

- Hana Nobel, Storyteller


Nasimeh is a memorable, highly energetic, engaging, and transformational MC. She is the rare type of speaker that makes a diverse audience feel welcome, safe, included, and connected with other participants. I would recommend her for any event looking for an MC who can inspire the audience become a better leader, a better teammate, and a better friend.

- Adam Smiley Poswolsky, keynote speaker and author of The Quarterlife Breakthrough


For rates and booking inquiries, please contact Nasimeh.